Global Mu Online S14

Server is returning to gadther thousands of online on epic new project!

Server for everyone!

Easy and fun settings will provide best experience for players from all over world!

Opening 6.September!

Join the opening Event and race for top resets to be first who conquest and defeat top bosses!.

Banned from server

Globalmuonline is big gaming project and there are scammers/cheaters/abusers/ultra toxic persons etc who are banned by PC (HDID) There are some internet cafes that are used by those persons and theyr PC are banned from accesing globalmuonline! If you shared account with such person your PC is banned as well.

If you can login in website, but when loging in server from client shows that your account is banned, that means current PC not account is banned from Globalmuonline!
How to get unban? You cant, if account is banned, it is pernament, there is no second chances, scammer/cheaters one time will be scammer/cheater again!

Banned persons does not deserves any explanation and such wont be given to anyone. Noone gets banned without reason or by mistake. There is no mercy to scamers!

Published by Admin 02/10/2019