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How to Use OffLevel in mu online

Leveling without a player being physically in-game but the character is online
Command: /offlevel

1. First, warp or move your character to a map and unto a spot with monsters.
2. If you haven’t done so, setup your MUHelper. Press Z on your keyboard; in the Hunting Tab, choose the box of how you want your character to be in ranged with the monsters (#5), choose and check the position box (Original Position) and choose Basic Skill (Twisting Slash).
3. Click Save Settings
4. Once your MuHelper is fully setup, then you will be able to use /offlevel command.
5. Press Enter on your keyboard, type /offlevel and press enter.

1. If you get an error “Skill (0) has not been found, please learn it to be able to use it” – this means, you need to setup MuHelpher. (Follow instructions above).
2. You can also set up other settings in your MuHelper with your preferences.

Published by Salvis 13/12/2019