GlobalMuOnline Season 16

X9999 reopening 22.January

Server for everyone!

New charcater slayer, new maps, items, wings, skills

Join the grand opening event!

Join the opening Event and race for top resets to be first who conquest and defeat top bosses!.

Guild ALLSTARS info

Master TGLTN
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Member Count 39


Name Level Class Position
TGLTN 400 DL Guild Master
GoldenSun 1 SW Assistant Guild Master
TheDark 400 MK BattleMaster
DwNaiCy 400 SW BattleMaster
Kratos 400 DrK BattleMaster
LindaDom 400 DrK Member
LVoldemort 400 ER Member
MariXeo 400 SW Member
MgNaicy 400 MK Member
MrSiro 400 SW Member
Murphy 400 DrK Member
NeverLive 1 HGC Member
oBiGroom 400 MK Member
SeaMurin 400 SLT Member
SeaSaryn 223 SW Member
Shin 400 SW Member
Shyn 35 SLT Member
SLNaiCy 11 SLT Member
ALongKa 242 SW Member
AnhNongDan 400 SW Member
AnhVNKuTe 400 SW Member
badboyvn 400 SLT Member
Bakuteh 1 MK Member
bL4nK 400 ER Member
ChapHet 400 SLT Member
Chivas 400 ER Member
ConquerQ 400 SW Member
CrazyDW 400 SW Member
EmpireX 400 HGC Member
GoIdenSunB 400 DrK Member
ThongTha 323 DS Member
Tinkerino 400 FB Member
TyTy 8 NE Member
Zoee 400 DrK Member
GoldenSunD 274 MK Member
Gunnerer 400 HGC Member
GUNTester 400 HGC Member
Helo 400 MK Member
Hennessy 400 DrK Member