GlobalMuOnline Season 16P2

X200 Opening 12.November

Server for everyone!

Full S16P2 Ashen Aida, MG renewal, Lion Pearce pet

Join the grand opening event!

Join the opening Event and race for top resets to be first who conquest and defeat top bosses!.

Guild HUYNHDE info

Master TuanKaKa
Score 0
Member Count 26


Name Level Class Position
TuanKaKa 400 SW Guild Master
DragonBlue 400 MK Assistant Guild Master
Master 400 MK BattleMaster
Gunter 400 HGC BattleMaster
Jugnr 400 MK BattleMaster
KnightDeez 400 DrK Member
ZRuinS 400 RW4 Member
Meddusa 1 HGC Member
MoGo 400 MK Member
NaNa 101 SLT Member
NaNaaa 381 NE Member
Noproblem 400 MK Member
PaTrick 400 HGC Member
RedHair 400 MK Member
RINN 1 MK Member
sungto 400 HGC Member
ThanhSL 400 SLT Member
TuanEFL 381 NE Member
GaoVN 334 MK Member
Gladeez 400 MK Member
Gunne 400 HGC Member
2222 400 RW4 Member
4567 400 MK Member
covid 245 FB Member
CuTo 83 SW Member
DISCU 400 MK Member