GlobalMuOnline Season 16

X9999 reopening 22.January

Server for everyone!

New charcater slayer, new maps, items, wings, skills

Join the grand opening event!

Join the opening Event and race for top resets to be first who conquest and defeat top bosses!.

Guild Reborn info

Master Semitre
Score 0
Member Count 15


Name Level Class Position
Semitre 400 ER Guild Master
SmP1K4 400 SW Assistant Guild Master
LorDSteel 400 MK BattleMaster
LordyBR 400 LE Member
Luky 400 FM Member
MagoPezauM 400 SW Member
Maltael 400 SW Member
Saiboot 400 DL Member
Bankai13 400 HGC Member
H3LLSlNGS 400 SW Member
kiron 400 SM Member
LecoRx 400 GM Member
LordPezauM 400 ER Member
Ssult 400 NE Member
SuMSlayer 400 SLT Member