Global Mu Online S14

Server is returning to gadther thousands of online on epic new project!

Server for everyone!

Easy and fun settings will provide best experience for players from all over world!

Opening 6.September!

Join the opening Event and race for top resets to be first who conquest and defeat top bosses!.


Globalmuonline is new gaming project based on Season 14 Private server files. This project is not releated to previous owners K2 Network.

Server is with resets, each time you reach 400lvl you can reset your level, for that you received 500 free stats, and all your Strengt, Agility, Vitaly, Energy or command for DL becomes 50. Maximum stats are 32000 for each ability.

Monsters are buffed and to conquer top maps you will need at least 100+ resets, depending on class to kill top monsters and not be killed.

Every 100 resets that you do you receive reward 1000credits! Server has a lot of customozitaions to make game exciting and fun, level up is not hard as every map has spots, market on minimap (press TAB ingame)

New commands /huntshop -opens NPC shop anytime, and /huntware opens your warehouse, thease commands are made that you dont need to walk to NPC to sell unnneded items or to open your warehouse!

All globalmu X500 channels or PVP online, except maps: Arena, Aida, Nars, Deep Dungeon1

Support email: